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We work for you. We represent you as if you were making this accident injury claim yourself, yet without an attorney involved where you'll have to pay 1/3 of your total settlement to them without any consideration for your medical expenses.


Insurance companies know the game and will work to settle for as little as possible hoping you'll take it. And most attorney's will take 1/3 of their fee first, before they even consider your medical bills. 


That means you could be left with a settlement check for FAR LESS than what you owe for just your medical bills.  

Why Choose PressOn Negotiations

You may be wondering why we do this…. I'll tell you.  Because we're good at it! 


I've worked for insurance companies for more than 20 years and made them millions on bodily injury claims settlements by using their tricks and first call settlements to rip off the little guy…. YOU!  Most people have no idea how the insurance settlement process works including attorneys, but I do! 


 I've been out of that insurance world for 11 years now, I've helped secure significant settlements for clients, making them a lot of money...what they deserved because of the negligence of another.  These settlements you could never get with an attorney, because I worked against attorney's for 20 years, I also know what insurance companies allow attorney to be privy to. I realized that this insider knowledge could be used for good, and I can get compensated at a fair rate after your medical bills have been paid. We both win!

I cannot give away our 'secret sauce' to you, but this "game" that big insurance companies have set up, was not set up to give you a fair settlement, it is set up to make big money at your expense.  I know exactly how to play the game better than anyone, including attorneys.  I've successfully won huge accident injury settlements that have enraged the Bodily Injury insurance representatives and infuriated attorneys. While they continue to try to use the system against the average consumer, what's different now is that I'm able to use this knowledge for good -- to help you get past your accident injury healthy and whole -- with all of your medical bills paid in full and plenty of cash to spare. 

Not only will you sleep better knowing we're on your side, I sleep better too knowing I'm helping people get what they deserve and be able to 'press on' with a successful, happy life following their accident. I'm supporting the little guy rather than contributing to big insurance companies agendas and greed.

What you can expect from us 

Since I don’t have a big office, assistants, or paralegals, I'll need your help to get the documentation to me... but it will be worth it.

I will respectfully ask you:

  • To obtain copies of your medical bills, police reports, photos of scene, pictures of scars, etc.

  • Not to call or speak to the insurance company at all… not regarding your injury claim (not because I don’t want you informed…. I don’t want you to contact them because they are trained to get information out of you that you that will cost you money at the end! 

  • If I'm able to, I can obtain some of this information for you with a signed authorization form signed. 


If you want copies of communications and updates on the status of your claim negotiation, just email or call me.   I will be happy to BCC (blind carbon copy) you on everything!    

While you are still being treated for your injuries resulting from your accident, we go into a 'holding pattern,' until all of your treatments are complete. Your ONLY job is to get better - do what your doctors inform you to do-you don't need to do anything else… nada!  When you are done treating, then I start my work… and so do you.  


We'll ask you to provide the medical bills and records, pictures of scars, etc... Please DO NOT stop your treatments until you feel 100% better! Do whatever the doctors tell you … go where they tell you… take what they tell you... and document everything! That includes:


  • Time off work for medical appointments

  • Mileage to appointments

  • Time you left and time you came back from work

  • Vacations not taken due to pain

  • Time away from friends, family

  • Essentially anything you would have done but couldn't because of your injury/pain.  

To sum it all up, I NEED PROOF of anything and everything I submit for reimbursement to the insurance company. I'm not scamming the insurance company, I'm getting you what they owe you.

I will use everything you have … literally everything… even if you think it is too small… write it down. I promise you I will fight for you to get top dollar for your claim!

I look forward to talking to you about your bodily injury claim. Start with my free claim review to see if we can help. 


PressOn Negotiations