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Laray was on her way home from work one evening when another car turned left in front of her while she was going through a green light at an intersection. Before she knew it she heard a crash and felt the startling blow of another car crushing her car.

Police and emergency vehicles were called, the accident reported, she was taken to the hospital with injuries... and her nightmare began. 

  • Attorneys typically charge 33% of the settlement amount as their fees.

  • Press On Negotiations charges 33% of the proceeds AFTER paying your accident-related medical bills, leaving more money in your pocket!

  • Your negotiation fees will be less with PressOn Negotiations than with an attorney.

  • PressOn Negotiations receives no money unless and until all medical expenses are paid!

  • Note: the amount of money you receive will depend on the amount of the settlement and your medical bills.

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Laray sustained a soft tissue back injury in the accident, along with relatively minor cuts and bruises, and is left now with chronic back pain and a facial scar. Her car was totaled and her dog that was in the car with her at the time of the accident died from its injuries nine days later. 

After all was said and done, she had $15,000 in medical bills. She attempted to get reimbursement from the insurance agency, only to be offered $2,000 for her pain and suffering. The insurance company made it clear that they were not going to pay for her medical bills, and that the $2,000 was the most she would be offered. The insurance game was on!

Laray contacted PressOn Negotiations and agreed to get our help to negotiate with the insurance firm on her behalf. Our terms are simple: we receive 1/3 of your total settlement over and above if, and only if all of your medical bills are paid. If we could not help her get enough to cover all of her accident-related medical bills, we receive nothing. 

So we got to work!

Laray helped collect all of the necessary documentation and shared it with us, such as all of her medical bills, doctors' notes, photos of her scars, her testimony, etc. PressOn used our proprietary methods to package the materials and sent everything to the insurance company... then the real game started.  Our successful packaging and negotiation tactics resulted in an initial increased settlement offer of $22,000 and they confirmed they would pay all medical bills... that was after many calls to our team about the validity (or lack thereof) of her injuries.

Using additional negotiation tactics because we understand the insurance game so well, the insurance company finally agreed to pay $32,000 including a full and final release of all claims. 


It was then up to Laray to agree to the settlement, which was easy! She said YES. Then it was Laray's responsibility to use a portion of the settlement to pay all of her outstanding medical bills in full. Also easy and she did that. She ended up with $12,000 cash in her pocket after the PressOn fee, and came out financially 'whole' and even ahead with our help. 

That's exactly what we mean when we say we help you "press on" to a better, happier life!

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